Pursuant to the legal provisions of Article 6-I-7 of the Act no. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004, otherwise know as the Digital Economy Law, AGARIK cannot monitor all of the content and Internet sites it hosts in order to determine the legal or illegal character of the latter.

In response to these legal provisions, Agarik has deployed a simple system that allows any individual to inform the company of any content that might take on the characteristics of the infractions set out in Article 24 (5) and (8) of the Act of 29 July 1881 on the freedom of the press and Article 227-23 of the Penal Code, that is, the following infractions :

– justification of crimes against humanity
– incitement to racial hatred
– child pornography

Any infraction observed on a site hosted by AGARIK must be immediately reported by e-mail to :


To process your request as promptly as possible, please provide the following in your e-mail :

– The date on which the infraction was observed
– The accurate address(es) (URL) from which the content is accessible.*
– a detailed description of the content you consider illegal (as well as a copy of this content)
– Your complete names and coordinates (AGARIK guarantees the confidentiality of information transmitted as well as a right to access, in compliance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978.)

Moreover, any abusive use of the system for any purpose other than the one mentioned above can be subject to prosecution and imprisonment, in compliance with Article 6.4 of Act no. 2004-575, otherwise known as the Digital Economy Law :

« The act, committed by anyone, of wrongfully indicating to the persons mentioned in 2 (hosts) an apparent illegal content or activity for the purposes of obtaining the withdrawal of such content or making access to this impossible is punished by one year of imprisonment and a fine of € 15 000 (EUROS). »

*To recover the URL of the illegal content : place the cursor of the mouse on the incriminated content, right click, select “properties”, then copy the URL address that appears by right clicking again.