In an increasingly Cloudification context, your environments are even more complex and heterogeneous: legacy hosted applications, Public Cloud’s PaaS solutions, SaaS partners or even Datalake platform.

Agarik, network operator and infrastructures outsourcer, inter-connects and operates for you these multiple environments, and can commit on an end-to-end responsibility.

Agarik’s “Connected Operating” offer is an exclusive centralized multi-skilled operation service, which is capable of addressing all types of environments: private or public cloud, physical server, application contexts and  Big Data technologies in any type of hosting environment.

Our “Connected Operating” services cover

Dedicated Environments

Private Cloud

Public Cloud

Hybrid Environments

in your facilities or ours Agarik’s private cloud Azure, AWS, OVH,
and also Atos Canopy, Cloudwatt, Oracle
via cloud connectivity solutions

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4 reasons to choose our “Connected Operations” service ?


1 centralized operation in 24 × 7 

The Fantastik Support is your one stop shop for all your environments, we answer you and intervene in 24 × 7. You have a centralized view of your infrastructure from your Agarik Customer Portal and your monthly activity reports.

Responsibility end to end

Thanks to its quality of network operator, Agarik bears an end to end responsibility for the availability of your applications for the benefit of your users’ experience.

Public Cloud Ecosystem

Canopy, Microsoft Azure, OVH, Amazon and many others … we are able to operate all Public Clouds as well as manage your subscriptions to specific conditions related to our partnerships.

Value Added Services

We offer additional services on all your environments:

  • Network services: transit, link supply, secure access, Internet bandwidth
  • Application scenario:  to control the functioning of your applications
  • Atos Group-specific services such as Cybersecurity Solutions, Big Data Platform Integration, and many others

Fantastik Support & Service Levels

Our team is passionate about web technologies, Cloud, Open Source and Big Data. They know your problems and support you on a daily basis. Our objectives: proximity, responsiveness and quality of service !
Joseph, Operations Manager

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