Agarik allows you to simply consume public Cloud resources and integrate them in a transparent way in you Information System.

Unique point of contact of your Cloud services

We unite and federate various Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) with several service levels.

We are the unique point of contact for CIO on hybrid environments by directly furnishing the Cloud infrastructure you need without having to deal with all these contracts yourself, with most of the biggest Cloud Provider on the market.




Atos Canopy

Cloudwatt, Numergy


Discover connected operating by Agarik

Our Cloud Services Broker offer combines to our « connected operating » offer, exclusive operating service centralized for all of your environments, in a public or private Cloud or on a physical server regardless the hosting. It guarantees you a 24*7 available team in France and for all of your infrastructures.+

To achieve your custom-made cloud architectures as of now, please contact us :

01 40 10 58 69

4 reasons to choose Agarik ?


Our technical teams commit on your environments’ maintenance in operational conditions 24*7*365 from Agarik sites in France. +

Web Technologies, Open Source, Big data

With more than 20 years of existence, Agarik has a proven competence on critical infrastructures related to industry 4.0 and technologies attached (Open Source oriented, Cloud and Big Data). +

High end and secured hosting

Agarik owns an operator license and its own infrastructures (datacenters and networks). We are also able to raise standard security levels with Atos group’s cyber security technologies. +

Guaranteed high availability

According to your environment’s criticality, Agarik offers the market’s strongest SLAs and commits on response and restoration time. +

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