Declared operator upon the ARCEP, Agarik offers turnkey network solutions to interlink your users with their applications in every contexts: traditional hosting, private, public or hybrid cloud.

Our solutions are secured, redundant and failure tolerant. They rely on an optical fiber infrastructure controlled from end to end and of an active global capacity of 10 Gbps.

Agarik owns its own IPs adresses and AS (AS16128). Agarik is LIR (Local Internet Registry) upon the RIPE (European IP network ).

schéma réseau Agarik

réseau Agarik

You want to access securely to your environments hosted in Public Cloud ?  

Secured connection to Public Cloud Operators

  • Selection of Agarik of Cloud connects Interxion’s solution which allows a private and powerful interconnection to several Cloud providers including Microsoft ExpressRoute and AWS direct’s accesses.
  • Privative access to OVH backbone

You want to access securely and at lower cost to your application ?

Secured connection through the Internet (VPN)

  • IPSec VPN tunnel
    • point-topoint with the possibility to set up an equipment in your facilities
    • mobile work
    • mobile work

You want to work comfortably while outsourcing to Agarik ?

Privative link such as an Ethernet one on level 2 and level 3

  • Geographic area :
    • Metropolitan France
    • Foreign territories on study
  • Offered technologies : XDSL or fiber
  • Throughput : from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Equipment’s provision to the client’s facilities ensuring a turnkey service on a level 3
  • Proactive supervision
  • Time slot : working hours or 24/7
  • Guarantee recovery time = 4 Hours

You are already working with your network provider and are wishing to keep your network while outsourcing your IT ? You want to interconnect wit Agarik or a Public Cloud platform?

Data collection door or client MPLS

  • Technologie : Fiber
  • Geographic area : presence on the main POP’s operators
  • Throughput : 10 Mbps / 100Mbps / 1Gbps / 10 Gbps

Our points of presence list

Telehouse Paris-Voltaire

137 boulevard Voltaire
75011 Paris

Telehouse Paris-Jeûneurs

38 rue des Jeûneurs
75002 Paris

NetCenter SFR

124 boulevard de Verdun
92400 Courbevoie

Telecity Energy Park

130-136 boulevard de Verdun
92400 Courbevoie


7-9 rue Petit
92582 Clichy

Interxion 1

45 avenue Victor Hugo
93534 Aubervilliers Cedex

Interxion 2

20 rue des Gardinoux
93534 Aubervilliers

4 reasons to choose Agarik ?


Our technical teams commit on your environments’ maintenance in operational conditions 24*7*365 from Agarik sites in France. +

Web Technologies, Open Source, Big data

With more than 20 years of existence, Agarik has a proven competence on critical infrastructures related to industry 4.0 and technologies attached (Open Source oriented, Cloud and Big Data). +

High end and secured hosting

Agarik owns an operator license and its own infrastructures (datacenters and networks). We are also able to raise standard security levels with Atos group’s cyber security technologies. +

Guaranteed high availability

According to your environment’s criticality, Agarik offers the market’s strongest SLAs and commits on response and restoration time. +


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