Through our unique infrastructure and the interconnection between our datacenters by a proprietary fiber network, we provide an entirely controlled service to our clients.

Our proprietary datacenters

As an Atos group subsidiary, we benefit from the group of the whole hosting resources, and that nationally and internationally. Agarik owns its own interconnected high speed fiber network for implanted resources in France, and offers a virtual hosting for all critical projects. Atos group’s Datacenters include the last sustainable development innovations. They do  answer to the main concerns of firms seeking to combine performance and corporate social responsibility.
Nos datacenters

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Datacenter Tier 3+ : Atos 3: 48.907260, 2.337928
Datacenter Tier 3+ : Atos 1 & 2: 47.458273, -0.481596
Datacenter Tier 3+ : Atos 4 & 5: 48.826545, 1.978569
Datacenter Tier 3+ : Atos US: 33.605398, -112.118568
Partenaire: 1.322589, 103.920965
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Datacenter Tier 3+ : Atos 3

Atos 3 : Datacenter Tier 3+

Datacenter haute connectivité
3 600 m2 - 5 MW
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20 Rue Dieumegard, Saint-Ouen, France
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Datacenter Tier 3+ : Atos 1 & 2

Atos 1 & 2 : Datacenter Tier 3+

Datacenters haute sécurité en « dual building »
3 120 m2 – 4,5 MW
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210 Boulevard André Bahonneau, 49800 Trélazé, France
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Datacenter Tier 3+ : Atos 4 & 5

Atos 4 & 5 : Datacenter Tier 3+

Datacenter dernière génération
1500 m2 – 3 MW
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78340 Avenue Jean Jaurès, Les Clayes-sous-Bois, France
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Datacenter Tier 3+ : Atos US

Atos US : Datacenter Tier 3+


13430 N Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ 85029, États-Unis
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Datacenter partenaire


750D Chai Chee Rd Singapour 469004

Our datacenters’ assets

  • Standard Tier 3+
  • Connection to our 10 Gbps active network loop
  • Staff members presence 24*7
  • Energy control latest technology

Atos group’s certifications & labels

Certification ISO 9001, LSTI ISO 27001, SAP Hosting                                                               Participant COC, Green Grid member

Latest generation place for your equipment’s hosting

We provide you reserved areas in our high end datacenters to host your equipment :

  • Bare places rent or with sale and/or material renting
  • Modular areas: From ½ racks to private space: secured places, combination code/key lock…
  • From low density (3 Kw per rack) to high density (40 Kw per rack)
  • Access to all of our network services
  • Access to all of our infrastructures outsourcing services
  • … and to competitive rates !

Learn more about us

For further information or to visit our datacenters, please contact our sales service :

01 40 10 58 69

4 reasons to choose Agarik?


Our technical teams commit on your environments’ maintenance in operational conditions 24*7*365 from Agarik sites in France.  +

Web Technologies, Open Source, Big data

With more than 20 years of existence, Agarik has a proven competence on critical infrastructures related to industry 4.0 and technologies attached (Open Source oriented, Cloud and Big Data).+

High end and secured hosting

Agarik owns an operator license and its own infrastructures (datacenters and networks). We are also able to raise standard security levels with Atos group’s cyber security technologies. +

Guaranteed high availability

According to your environment’s criticality, Agarik offers the market’s strongest SLAs and commits on response and restoration time. +

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