Need to build full architectures in the cloud, without any redevelopment?

Insure the data integrity and secure networks but maintain your flexibility ?

Dispose of managed cloud platforms ready to use, but taking into account business realities?

Building from your issues, we have created a unique solution of design and operation of complex cloud architectures: CloudArchitek

Choose the best of IT resources and reinforce your productivity with CloudArchitek

CloudArchitek is a dedicated Cloud solution for e-business needs. Whether you are an editor, ISVs, integrators, advertising agency or Media company, we provide you flexible and secure cloud architectures, adapted to your business realities.

The strengths of the offer

  • Power, storage and network on demand
  • Billing for consumption
  • Outsourcing Services in 24 * 7
  • Contractual commitment & SLAs
  • Service for high availability on demand

Our complex virtual architectures

You can define yourself or with our technical support your complex cloud architectures on virtualy private infrastructures or physically dedicated.

You can use immediately one of our business platforms or build it as your needs. Below is our first PaaS Ebusiness :

  1. CloudArchitek – PaaS Web: platform for agencies to manage media content.
  2. CloudArchitek – PaaS Trafic : for E-commerce players  for traffic management and control of audience peaks.
  3. CloudArchitek – PaaS ISV: adapted to Editors and ISV for applications and projects  in SaaS mode (see also our support offer).
  4. CloudArchitek – PaaS Connected IS : cloud platforms for connected information systems

Set up and operation of your virtual platforms

To help you, AGARIK offers support modules for the creation of virtual architecture and architecture management service.

Support Modules to the creation of architecture

picto cloud instance picto cloud blockstorage picot cloud storage picto cloud balancing picto cloud réseau picto cloud firewall


  • Number of CPU
  • Memory size (Go)
  • No-shareable disk
  • Depending on the instance
  • Shareable disk between different instances
  • NFS or CIFS
  • Load balancing services between different instances
  • Failover or load balancing
  • Public & private
  • Instance Attachment by networks
  • Rules definition

Architectures management services

  • Configuration Management: Deployments Automatisation, Versionning, API Access
  • Autoscaling : Auto deployment depending on the load
  • Monitoring : Agarik proactive Monitoring

portrail client CloudArchitek : Autoscaling portrail client CloudArchitek : Monitoring

Technological overview

CloudArchitek uses its own engine to create virtual architectures for complex private and public cloud, allowing:

  • Rapid implementation by service instantiating
  • Migrate classic architecture on the cloud, no applicative development to forecast
  •  Security and network management
  • Multiple sub-networks for each cloud

Technological innovations

CloudArchitek incorporates the latest technology to deliver virtualization services of quality and gives companies the best means to improve its productivity:

  • Building of multi-tiers architectures Cloud
  • Network Management
  • Booking of public and private network
  • Allocation of instances by network
  • Economics of public IP addresses
  • IP v4 & v6 Support
  • Security (Private firewall rules and network)

Today, to create your customized cloud architectures, we invite you to contact us : +33 (1) 40 10 58 69